Open Enrollment Workshops

Our Open Enrolment Workshops cover a wide range of topics that apply to individual contributors at all levels. The variety of courses we offer are based on current and industry trends and are built on real-life business experiences. Our facilitators are all proven business leaders who are competent in leading these workshops which are open to the public.

Customised Training

Our customised training courses can benefit your company by helping to boost professional performance. These sessions are tailored to the fit the needs of businesses and employees.
psychometric assessment

Psychometric Assessments

A psychometric assessment, also known as an Aptitude Test, is a common part of many modern-day interviews and assessments. A psychometric assessment may take many forms and is an umbrella term for any assessment that tests one's cognitive ability or personality. TALENT+ has a variety of assessments for our clients to choose from.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Service Member

CPD-certified programmes allow professionals to learn new skills, refresh existing knowledge, or keep up to date with the latest developments within a particular profession or industry.

Each CPD-certified programme you complete is another internationally recognized achievement added to your continued professional development journey.

You gain points by the total hours you partake in a workshop/ programme

Training and Development